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Pre-Natal Pregnancy Yoga Classes - Mondays 17:45-18:45, Hazel Grove, Stockport

... Pre-Natal Pregnancy Yoga classes take place on a Monday Evening 17:45-18:45 for expecting mums from 14 weeks.

No yoga experience is required.

Private classes and small group classes are available. I can come to your home and offer you yoga in the comfort of your own home. Prices from £45.

Benefits of Pre-Natal Pregnancy Yoga & How Yoga Supports Pregnant Women

Yoga for pregnancy is more than fitness as it provides complete wellbeing for mother and baby.

Pregnancy Yoga offers a holistic therapeutic approach to supporting expecting mothers during their pregnancy, childbirth and labour. Pregnancy is a time of constant transformation and change both physically and psychologically as the women's has to adjust through the many changes to her body, when carrying her baby, and once the baby is born, hormonal changes and changes to her life.

Pregnancy Yoga supports an expecting mother through their whole pregnancy by offering wellbeing by means of relaxation, meditation, breathing techniques, not just through movements and postures, the physical element of yoga. Pregnancy Yoga offers everything a mother needs through her journey and the ancient techniques and philosophy support the mother’s wellbeing of the body, mind, soul and baby.

Relaxation techniques such as breathing and relaxation, including yoga nidra and meditation are used for pain relief, anxiety and stress relief.

Yoga postures and movement build strength promote flexibility, keep the body supple boost energy. They play an important role in assisting mothers through the stages of labour and childbirth as well as offering the expecting mother some choice, knowledge, freedom and movement and creativity to explore the techniques taught to help themselves through their individual personal experience.

Specific breathing techniques that we learn and practice can be used during surges.

Yoga can be used to reduce and overcome many common ailments including back pain other aches and pains and as an aid to calm and relax mother.

Mantras, provide sonic baby massage, stimulating baby in womb and through movement, mindfulness mediation and mudras mother and baby connection is encouraged.

It also offers a holding space to embrace and celebrate birth, to empower women and it unites expecting mothers on their journey giving them confidence to embrace their new role as a soon to be mother.