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Scaravelli Inspired Yoga Workshops with Sophie Whiting 30-31 May

I am delighted to be able to host two, three hour restorative movement classes (Scaravelli inspired) in Manchester on the 30th and 31st May 2020,
2-5pm, with Sophie Whiting.

Sophie is based in Brighton will coming to Manchester to share her knowledge and experience of practisng and teaching Scaravelle Inspired Yoga
with us. This is a wonderful opportunity experience this unique yoga.

Anyone is welcome to attend one or both workshops irrespective of experience. Sophie is particularly interested in helping those in pain
or with injuries.

**Places are limited to 10 places per workshop as Sophie will only ever teach a maximum of ten students at any one time.**

This will not be pose based classes. Sophie is primarily interested in helping people to learn to work with their bodies in such a way as to
encourage more efficient, less held and oft-times painful movement.

Please see Sophie's website for more information about Sophie and her teachings https://vandascaravelliyoga.com/yoga-workshops
and for more information regarding her approach to this way of working with the body.

The cost of this 3 hour workshop at Inhale Yoga Studio on Saturday 30 May is £50.

You can also attend the workshop on Sunday 31st May at Lululeom Manchester Studio, 2-5pm, also £50

Both workshops will be unique and both workshops can be booked online via the book now button. You are welcome to come to one or both days.

There are only 10 places per workshop.

At InHale Yoga Studio - Saturday 30 may 2-5pm £50
First Floor, Progress House
17 Cecil Road
Hale, Altrincham
WA15 9NZ
There is plenty of parking available in the M&S Car Park right next to the studio it's £2.50 or 3 hours

At Lululemon Manchester Showroom - 31st May 2-5Pm £50
7 St Anns Square
M2 7EF

Cancellation policy - non refundable

A bit about Sophie Whiting

I first tried yoga because I had an extremely painful lower back and was desperate to try anything to sort it out. Over a period of about fifteen years I went to various yoga classes, sometimes as often as five times a week. In these classes, my aim was not so much to achieve this or that pose, although I tried my best, but rather to rid myself of the crippling pain in my back. Despite my dedication I knew I was getting nowhere — even if I often felt physically better after a class. It never lasted. I was trying to force my body to do what I thought I wanted or what my teacher thought I needed. The result was that I wasn’t paying any attention to what my body was screaming to tell me; that it hurt even more, rather than less. It was only when I started working with Diane Long and Sophy Hoare in 2005 that I began to understand that this Scaravelli approach to asana is fundamentally about allowing yourself the freedom to move. It’s about putting in place and cultivating the conditions – both physical and mental – for developing a freely moving body. It’s about making space for the new, the undiscovered, the unknown.

I stopped studying with Diane Long at the end of 2014 and thereafter have looked for inspiration elsewhere. I have found sitting in silent retreats for long periods of time to be most helpful when it comes to this way of working. I've also benefited hugely from numerous Thai massages which have taught me so much about the body, especially when it comes to those areas of the body in which I experienced no pain. Over time, my thoughts pertaining to movement have changed radically.

​​​​​​​My approach to asana is now based on the principle that a yoga practice is an exercise in learning to let go of tension and pain in your body and not an exercise in endurance as you try to achieve a set of rigid poses. It means being kind to your body and not trying to discipline it. It’s about learning to work with and not against your body and enjoying its new movement. One way of trying to describe this approach to yoga is that it’s about recognising and then ridding yourself of obstacles to what’s already there. Sophie Whiting

Please see Sophie's website for more information about Sophie and her teachings https://vandascaravelliyoga.com/yoga-workshops

Qualified with Yoga Professionals UK & Yoga Alliance US

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