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Yin Yoga and Myofascial Release Workshop

Join me for my new Yin and Tonic Workshop that incorporates Myofascial Release techniques with yin yoga poses to help you deeply release tension in the body.

Kate Kearns is a qualified Yin and MBSR Restorative Yoga Therapy teacher and Senior Yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance Professionals UK.

A Yin Yoga and Myofascial Release Workshop, to Unwind, Release and Let Go of tension in the body and to encourage healing and recovery from trauma held in the fascia.

A refreshing and deeply releasing, deliciously yummy and bittersweet practice of letting go of tension we are holding in the body, combining Yin poses with myofascial release techniques placing tennis balls in places of tension, to release and nourish to provide a deeper level of release.

This 2 hour workshop cultivates harmony and balance as we breathe into our yin poses, releasing and letting go of tension, increasing flexibility as our fascia, connective tissues and bones are energised as we soften into edge. Stimulate the meridian channels, releasing blockages and encouraging energy, Chi, Prana, life force to flow through your entire being.

What is self-myofascial release?
The term myofascial refers to the muscles and fascia that surrounds them. Myo- simply means muscle. Therefore, self-myofascial release is a massage technique of applying continued pressure to an area of myofascial tissue that contains restrictions, tightness, inflexibility, adhesions or lacks proper movement.

Self-myofasical release has many benefits, these include:
Increasing circulation and blood flow
Increasing joint flexibility
Reducing adhesion and scar tissue
Aiding in preventing injury
Eliminating tension in muscles
Releasing endorphins to help reduce pain
Relieving mental stress

MFR is very effective for rejuvenating and regenerating muscles and can be used to rehabilitate and restore the health of soft tissue structures increasing movement and aiding recovery.

We will also incorporate these targeting techniques to acupressure points, Back Shu points and Front Mu points, known as “transporting” points because it is said that they transport “Qi” to the inner organs. Using this method also around our ‘belts of tension. Using the tennis balls while we come into and hold our yin poses provides a totally amazing, deep release! Likened to giving your self a deep tissue massage.

What is Yin Yoga?
“Yin Yoga” Commit to the stillness, observe and allow whatever arises to simply be.

Mindful Yin Yoga is a permissive, nourishing, yielding practice. It works on the deep tissues in the body that need a gentle, longer-held pressure to be stimulated and grow stronger.

The asanas in this practice are held for 3 to 7 minutes, while keeping a deep, mindful breathing. The tissue will lengthen, open-up and become stronger, restoring itself and increasing flexibility of the whole body.

The three fundamentals of Yin Yoga:
1 - Enter the position with the right depth. Find your edge and let your body slowly open up
2 - Keep quiet, keep still. Once you find the optimal point of tension, keep calm.
3 – Remain in the pose for a period time.

Mindful Yin Yoga offers a meditative approach to yoga and is a slow-paced style of yoga with postures held for longer periods of time - up to five minutes in order to improve flexibility by releasing the connective tissues of the body including the tendons, fascia, and ligaments, even joints of the bones generally in the hips, pelvis and lower spine. At the same time, there is an emphasis on relaxing the muscular tissue.

• The perfect complement to dynamic (Yang) forms of yoga.

• Yin aims to unblock energy channels known as the meridians and offers a deep release and sense of letting go. Cultivating harmony and peace, a deeper sense of balance and feelings of calmness, stimulating the meridian channels improves organ health and can bring us back into balance so we have yin and yang = we need both, everything needs yin and Yang, you cannot have without the other.

• Yin is a quiet and simple yoga practice but that does not mean that it is easy. Yin can be challenging owing to holding the postures for long periods. We can use props like blocks, bolsters, blankets and cushions help us to remain at our appropriate edge and support us in the pose.

• Mindful yin Yoga is a path, a journey that we embark on in our practice where our intention is not to get somewhere else in our practice, but to be just where we are. To be in the moment, with our breath, just being aware of our intention of staying mindful.

• Mindful Yin Yoga is non-judging and is about being fully present and with kindness to ourselves and self-compassion in our hearts.

• Mindful yin yoga taps in to our innate potential for healing and it cultivates our ability to embody wisdom and self-compassion and can help us to free whatever arises in our lives with integrity, with clarity and with an open-hearted presence.

Suitable for all levels including beginners

Investment: £20 early bird price/ £25 if paying on the day.

You can now book all my classes and workshops online buy going to my website www.yoga-aura.co.uk. Go to book classes online and register to access the booking system. Find the date of the workshop, and select Choose. A 3 X workshop pass is available for £45 and can be used at all workshop expect the Yin with Sound Healing workshops and is valid for 1 year.
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Qualified with Yoga Professionals UK & Yoga Alliance US

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